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 Who Attends STRS

What is STRS and Who Attends?

STRS 2020 (Simulation, Training and Assessment for Resilience and Safety) is an event produced by the Halldale Group which will take place on the 24th and 25th March in central London, UK. The event will focus on the sharing of examples of training best practice between and across different safety-critical industries and disciplines all having in common the need to be safe and resilient organisations.

The event will bring together 200 senior training professionals who are involved within the procurement process of training and simulation.

Industries include:

★ Aviation
★ Construction
★ First Response
★ Healthcare
★ Maritime
★ Medical
★ Military
★ Nuclear power
★ Oil & gas
★ Rail
★ Renewable energy

Job Functions

★ Training Managers
★ Operational Managers
★ Technology Managers
★ System and Software Architects
★ Government Officials
★ Instructors


Companies that Attended STRS 2019