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About Our Conference

STRS aims to foster innovation and build partnerships in training and simulation across safety-critical industries through the sharing of information and ideas. The conference, which will be lead by subject matter experts and thought leaders will showcase the latest innovative strategies and solutions for delivering simulation as a training and educational tool.

Conference topics include:

  • Training for a more digital future
  • Training for more creativity
  • Training for the unexpected
  • Training in a more autonomous system future
  • Selection and retention
  • Communications and culture
  • Big data, AI and IoT
  • Simulation and AR/VR/MR
  • Games-based and microlearning

The conference will enable attendees to benchmark against similar high risk, high reliability sectors that deploy simulation for training, whilst also outlining new techniques and solutions to help deliver safer and more efficient operations.

STRS is a two day event welcoming 20 international speakers from a range of safety-critical industries.

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