Omexom Enhances Processes with SightCall Visual Assistance

SightCall and Omexom are collaborating to enhance field operations and worksite safety with (Augmented Reality) AR-powered video calls. Omexom has now implemented SightCall across a variety of business units including software, nuclear power plants, hydro dams and electrical substations. “SightCall has enabled us to realize new efficiencies and digitally transform processes that previously required manual solutions,” stated Arnaud Banner, Technical and Innovation director, at Omexom. “The ability to see and diagnose remote issues allows us to leverage data that informs valuable processes including training, quality inspection, support and investigation. This ultimately leads to a better work environment for employees and higher service availability for customers.” SightCall is a video cloud platform for enterprises that empowers technicians, customers and contractors to receive remote visual guidance by connecting them to an expert through their mobile device, tablet or wearable. Once connected, the expert can visually identify the issue, take documentation and provide guidance using SightCall’s AR-powered toolset. Omexom has deployed SightCall to assist their employees in a variety of use cases including  quality assurance and site safety reviews, remote diagnostics and guided fix, and site commissioning and inspection.  

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Kalamazoo Valley Community College to Host Skilled Trades Expo

West Michigan students, parents, teachers and employers are invited to attend a Skilled Trades Expo on Thursday, October 3, 2019, at Kalamazoo Valley Community College’s Texas Township Campus. The event is free and open to the public between 4-7 p.m. A sizable professional trades shortage exists in Michigan and is expected to continue through 2024. Professional trades will account for more than 500,000 jobs in the Michigan economy, and approximately 15,000 new job openings are expected annually in the state between now and then, according to the Going Pro In Michigan website. Kalamazoo Valley is preparing students for jobs in fields that include automotive technology, electrical technology, HVAC technology, engineering/design/manufacturing technology, welding technology, and chemical technology. “We celebrate National Advanced Manufacturing Week every day at the college,” said Provost and Vice President for Academic and Student Services Dr. Peter Linden. “Our graduates are receiving multiple offers before graduation. Our biggest challenge is providing enough trained workers for the regional labor market demand. While many students will continue their education pursing a four-year degree, most are happy to get the training they need and to move quickly into a career, without a lot of college debt.” Today’s skilled trades offer an [...]

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CM Labs Hosting Webinar on Work Site Safety

CM Labs is hosting a webinar on Oct 10, 2019, at 10 a.m. EST to show how simulation-based tools are helping to reduce the safety risks associated with operator training, while at the same time lowering training costs by up to 75 percent. Drew Carruthers, director, Training Solutions, CM Labs Simulations, will be the presenter. Topics of the webinar include simulation technology, work site safety and operational productivity. Attendees will learn how to improve training safety and efficiency, use simulation to monitor and measure operator skill sets, estimate the benefits and ROI of simulation-based operational approaches, and how new Smart Training Technology can help develop skills that transfer directly to the work site.    

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Advanced Training Systems Expands With New Facility

With an increasing nationwide demand for its high-tech simulators and driver training methodology, Advanced Training Systems (ATS) recently expanded with the opening of an additional facility in Vista, California. The new facility will house an enhanced simulator research, development and simulator-based training facility. The company’s current headquarters is in St. Petersburg, Florida. “Virtual reality simulation is able to train and assess, objectively, driver performance, whereas traditional driver training has been limited in its ability to teach ‘real-life’ experience in certain driving conditions,” said ATS Vice President Rebecca Hudson. “We can rapidly accelerate the experience and competence, while opening the door to revolutionizing the industry.” ATS plans to have an open house at the new facility before the end of the year.    

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MASA Group to showcase its AI-based M&S software

  Training and simulation specialists, MASA Group will showcase its AI-based Modeling & Simulation (M&S) software and expertise for the defence market at a range of upcoming events. MASA will exhibit SYNERGY & XVR at Congrès National des Sapeurs-Pompiers (exhibition for Firefighters) during September 18-21 in Vannes, France. Strategic partner XVR is a leading supplier of first responder training solutions. MASA is becoming more active in the delivery of civil forces preparedness in France. The event will be held to gather clients and prospects to discuss how XVR is being used by safety organizations. The company will showcase SWORD on the CEISIM (Centre d'Expertise de l'Infovalorisation et de la SIMulation) booth during the NATO Computer Assisted Exercise (CAX) forum. Together with Nexter, MASA will also sponsor the event which takes place from Sept. 24-26 in Paris. MASA will use Milipol to cement its position in the homeland safety and security market. The company delivers six programmes in this sector globally. Milipol will take place on November 19-22 in Paris. The year will conclude with the annual I/ITSEC exhibition and conference in Orlando, USA, where MASA will exhibit its AI-based M&S software and full suite of training and simulation capabilities.

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Varjo Accelerates Global Expansion with US Headquarters

Varjo announced the opening of its US headquarters in the Washington D.C. area. The company, which is celebrating three years of business this month, has seen unprecedented momentum to date in the industrial virtual reality space, having brought to market the human-eye resolution headset (Varjo VR-1); launched a reseller program for local, on-the-ground customer support of its VR-1 device; and announced several integrations with software partners in the design, training and simulation and research ecosystems. As the company continues to grow, the United States represents an increasingly important target market for Varjo. Beyond establishing its U.S. headquarters in Arlington, Virginia, located just outside of Washington D.C., Varjo also announced the continued expansion of its recently launched reseller program. Two additional U.S. resellers – GC Micro and FoxGuard Solutions – have joined the network and this expansion, coupled with the newly open U.S. office, ensures Varjo is better able to actively reach and support customers and partners across North America, while also maintaining ideal communication with the home office in Helsinki, Finland. “2019 has been an exciting year for us so far with the announcements of our first two products – the Varjo VR-1 and Varjo XR-1 Developer Edition – among [...]

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Varjo VR-1 Integrates with UNIGINE

Real-time 3D engine UNIGINE has announced support for the Varjo VR-1 in its 2.9 release. UNIGINE is a global company focused on real-time 3D technologies, delivering industrial solutions for simulation, visualization, scientific research, virtual reality systems and more. Current industry use cases for UNIGINE include safer training for transport; readiness of first responders; visualization of projects in fast, real-time 3D; and virtual exploration of inaccessible or hostile places. The integration of Varjo VR-1 with UNIGINE ensures professionals are now able to visualize their 3D models and simulations using visual fidelity VR. Varjo VR-1 is a human-eye resolution headset with integrated eye tracking. The visual quality in VR-1 means that every detail, texture, contour and color are just as crisp and clear as they are in the real world. Even the smallest texts and objects are distinguishable in the VR environment. The Varjo VR-1 is to be utilized for UNIGINE’s industrial use cases, including complex training simulations, architectural models, and 3D design. The Varjo plugin will be available in the August release of UNIGINE 2.9.    

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Construction sector in New Zealand looks to VR for training

In a bid to boost training and employment opportunities, the construction sector in New Zealand is using VR technology. The Ministry of Social Development has partnered with Joy Business Academy (JBA) to develop the Skills for Industry Virtual Reality Training and Employment Tool. Its aim is to improve job opportunities and help employers in the construction sector, upskilling people anytime and anywhere. "Jobseekers can try out tasks like driving a dump truck by using the virtual headset," said Minister for Social Development Hon Carmel Sepuloni. "They can make an informed decision about whether it’s a job they’ll like to pursue before going on expensive training courses. These tools also work well for some people where mainstream education doesn’t, particularly for those with limited literacy and numeracy skills." Minister for Employment Hon Willie Jackson said the tools would appeal to young people. "Three-quarters of the construction workforce are millennials, so it’s important to find tools they relate to," he said. "Virtual reality is their thing. It’s about getting people into work. It matches people who need work with employers who need staff." Construction sector in New Zealand JBA founder and CEO James Coddington said education has been evolving beyond the classroom whiteboard [...]

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CM Labs Introduces New Crane Simulator Training

CM Labs’ new Mobile Crane Training Pack features new assessment tools and training exercises, including the industry’s only tandem lift exercise for mobile cranes. The tandem lift exercise teaches the lead crane operator how to safely and efficiently manoeuver a steel pipe load in tandem with a secondary crane, operated from another simulator connected in a multi-machine virtual environment. This type of team-based training can be difficult and expensive to reproduce in real life, but is safe and easy to set up with Vortex Simulators. Also included is an all-new mobile crane operator assessment exercise, featuring advanced lifting techniques and a scoring system that’s fully customisable to company’s needs.

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CM Labs Announces Major Updates to Vortex Studio

CM Labs Simulations announced Vortex Studio 2019b, a major version update to Vortex Studio. Adding features that strategically enhance the capabilities of Vortex Studio, this latest update makes it easier-than-ever for users to install, build, test, and deploy high-fidelity real-time simulation. CM Labs announced a new, expanded Deformable Terrain zone with features that go beyond digging and pushing soil. While still allowing the deformation of a given surface using digging tools (bucket or blade), vehicles' wheels can now directly impact the terrain, compressing and deforming it on each pass, creating ruts and graphical marks modeled on specific textures. “Ruts are a challenging, dynamic part of any off-highway scenario, whether that’s driving in a military convoy or hauling logs in a forestry setting,” remarked Daniel Holz, team lead, Vortex Engine (Physics & Graphics). “Adding compression caused by tires and tracks wasn’t a simple feat, but our highly skilled team worked diligently to add this additional layer of realism to our simulations.” With a majority of the simulations built in Vortex Studio being related to vehicles, making these mechanisms easier to customize has been a key focus for CM Labs. In Vortex Studio 2019b, users can now start wheeled vehicle designs from [...]

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