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Become an Exhibitor

Become an exhibitor at the Simulation, Training and Assessment for Resilience and Safety Symposium (STRS) 2020.

STRS will focus on the sharing of examples of training best practice between and across different safety-critical industries and disciplines all having in common the need to be safe and resilient organisations.

Why Exhibit?

  • Giving your brand focus and access to attendees that are specific to your product
  • Giving you the chance to enter into new industries
  • Meet key decision makers and influences with the simulation and training community
  • Learn from other sectors
  • Create new business opportunities

Why Now?

  • Due to improvements in IT, it is now possible affordably train global workforces to a common standard via a common platform.
  • Improved understanding of how people the learn, the science of learning, allows these training schemes to be designed with definite goals and objectives in mind.
  • Maintenance of skills and skills assessment before and through an employee’s career are now available to leaders.
  • The identification and addressing of recurrent training needs can be effectively addressed using simulation, XR and distance delivery.
  • Gap analysis allows tailored training to be offered all employees and especially to those ‘strategic employees’ whose performance must be flawless.
  • Simulation technology, once the preserve of multi-million euro operations is now available to all and the promise of AI, AR, and MR offers enhanced training capability at a lower cost.

Exhibitor/sponsor enquiries

Contact Stephen Reed

Exhibitor Benefits

Profit from full access at the event including entry to the conference stream, lunches, coffee breaks, and networking event.

Send out branded customer invites that you can personalize with a logo and message.

Receive a complimentary company listing on the event website and in the event catalogue