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NuScale and Partner Universities Win DOE Grants

NuScale Power announced that the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) has awarded three grants to support the installation of a NuScale reactor plant simulator at Oregon State University, Texas A&M University-College Station and the University of Idaho. When completed, the simulator facilities will be used for research, education, K-12 outreach and public advocacy regarding nuclear power and small modular reactor (SMR) technology. “These simulator facilities will create new research opportunities and help ensure that we educate future generations about the important role nuclear power and SMR technology will play in attaining a safe, clean and secure energy future for our country,” said John Hopkins, chairman and chief executive officer of NuScale Power. NuScale’s reactor simulator is a virtual nuclear power plant control room that provides U.S. universities and national laboratories with the ability to observe nuclear plant behavior from the control room. These simulators, based on NuScale’s simulator technology and computer models, will include a simulator interface that accepts input from operators in a virtual control room and displays parameters simulating the plant response. The simulator facilitates research into human factors engineering, human-system interface design, advanced diagnostics, cyber security and plant control room automation. In addition to supporting STEM research [...]

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Proforma Affiliate Owner Wins $6M Nuclear Power Training Contract

Rich Mitchell, owner of ProMediaAspire, has secured a $6-million contract with a nuclear power company across 13 of their nuclear generation stations. The contract provides a format to train workers through the use of cutting-edge Virtual Reality (VR) technology to help reduce health risks to employees. Mitchell is utilizing VR 3D modelling to create virtual rooms and floor plans of nuclear power plants that will be used to train workers to perform quickly and efficiently on plant maintenance and repair. This technology will reduce employees’ work hours inside the plant and limit overall long-term radiological exposure. When Rich became aware of the opportunities in nuclear power training, he immediately began working with Proforma’s Vendor Relations team to identify a list of Preferred Suppliers that had the right set of resources and experience. The network’s Vendor Relations team was able to pair Mitchell with a Proforma Preferred Supplier that had a background in VR training in the energy, aerospace and military sectors. “This was a win-win contract that I could have never done without Proforma,” says Rich Mitchell. “Our ability to use Virtual Reality in this unique setting will significantly impact nuclear power companies who adopt this technology, minimizing the risk [...]

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Micromeritics Launches MLC Online Instrument Training

Micromeritics Instrument Corporation (Micromeritics) launched its Micromeritics Learning Center (MLC) Online Instrument Training eLearning Platform. The Company is currently offering free e-learning courses on AccuPyc II 1340 (PC and Keypad), GeoPyc 1365 (Envelope and T.A.P. Density), and MIC SAS 5800. “Micromeritics has established a long history of training customers. These activities include onsite training at the customer’s facility and at the Micromeritics corporate headquarters in Norcross, Gorgia, USA or other Micromeritics direct offices in Europe and Asia,” said Jack Saad Micromeritics Associate Scientist and Global Training and Support Manager. “Each of these training activities poses unique logistical challenges, and given our growth and global reach, we are introducing this new online training and education as a new on-demand resource for training the Micromeritics global community which includes customers, employees, business partners and potential future customers.” A typical course will include a series of modules on installation, operational theory, sample analysis, and reporting. At the end of each module there will be a quiz with 5-10 questions that needs to be passed with a score of 80 percent or higher. Once all modules are complete, the user will then complete a short survey in order to receive their certificate of completion [...]

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GSE Systems Delivers and Commissions Full-Scope Simulators

GSE Systems Inc. has completed delivery and commissioning of three additional full-scope simulators for Southern Nuclear’s new Operations Training Centers. These new simulators reflect Southern’s commitment to modernize, optimize and expand their fleet’s operator training program. This Southern Nuclear project is the largest single nuclear simulator project in the U.S. in the past 30 years and included three new replica simulators for the Alvin W. Vogtle Electric Generating Plant, Edwin I. Hatch Nuclear Plant and the Joseph M. Farley Nuclear Plant. These additional simulators will add flexible scheduling and increased capacity that can drive operator performance. The simulators will also offer more availability to each plant’s engineering and maintenance staff, who find the simulators useful for virtually commissioning plant changes, validating plant procedures, management certification, and a variety of other training activities. In addition, the simulators have been upgraded with some of GSE’s latest technology, including the new OpenSim 7.0 simulator operating system and enhanced containment modeling program and GSE’s PSA-HD program to train operators on beyond design basis events. Southern Nuclear, a subsidiary of Southern Company, operates a total of six units for Alabama Power and Georgia Power.    

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Texas Governor Announces $5.2M Grants For Workforce Training

Texas Governor Greg Abbott announced more than $5.2 million in Texas Talent Connection grants to 15 innovative workforce skills training and job placement programs across the state. These competitive grant awards, administered by the Texas Workforce Investment Council in the Governor’s Economic Development and Tourism division, support innovative education and workforce skills training programs that lead to successful job placement, increased wages, and improved job retention, as well as programs serving workforce populations with special needs. Alvin Community College in Brazoria County is awarded $394,004 for the Alvin Community College Student Success Initiative serving Brazoria County with integrated reading, writing, and math curricula to model workplace applications for postsecondary youth and adults, as well as mentoring, academic counseling, and career coaching. American Youthworks in Travis County is awarded $255,924 for the New Start Pre-Release Occupational Training program serving Travis County. This vocational program serves incarcerated youth ages 16-24 who reside at the Travis County Correctional Complex by providing construction industry certification training and re-entry services upon release. Central Texas College in Bell County is awarded $113,297 for the Educational Accelerated Gateway to Leadership and Employability Summer Camp serving graduating high school seniors in Bell County. Graduates participate in a full [...]

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Tigo’s Rapid Shutdown Solutions in Online Training

Tigo will feature its rapid shutdown solutions in the new online solar installation safety training by Solar Energy International (SEI), a worldwide educational nonprofit offering technical solar energy training. SEI is expanding its PV safety curriculum to include large photovoltaic installation sites. The curriculum will feature a cost-effective UL-certified rapid shutdown solution from Tigo's TS4 Platform, the TS4-F (Fire Safety). The TS4-F is available as an integrated (TS4-F) or an advanced retrofit/add-on (TS4-A-F) solution for any size PV system. This solution requires the Tigo RSS Transmitter and RSS Signal Detector to verify powerline communication. For this training, SEI integrates the TS4-F into one of the main ballasted commercial, flat roof-style installations on its campus in Paonia, Colorado. Tigo's TS4-O (Optimization) is also featured on one of SEI's battery-based training systems, which showcases one of the few solutions for rapid shutdown on battery-based PV systems. This curriculum shows students Tigo's optimization with battery-storage solution when there are not many options in the market for conventional battery-based PV system equipment. If module-level monitoring with rapid shutdown is required, this solution will also need Tigo's Cloud Connect Advanced Kit. Customers can also take advantage of Tigo’s bi-monthly webinars via Tigo Academy’s Resource Center. [...]

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Republic of Congo, ROSATOM Sign Roadmap

Russia and the Republic of Congo signed the roadmap to foster establishing cooperation in the field of peaceful uses of atomic energy. ROSATOM Deputy Director General – Director of International Affairs Department Nikolay Spassky signed the roadmap on behalf of The Russian State Atomic Energy Corporation ROSATOM, and the Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of the Republic of the Congo in the Russian Federation David Maduka – on behalf of the Ministry of Scientific Research and Technological Innovations of the Republic of Congo. The two-year roadmap lists joint activities aimed at strengthening bilateral cooperation in the field of peaceful use of atomic energy, studying opportunities for creating a center for nuclear science and technology on the territory of the Republic and laying foundations for training personnel for and raising public awareness about atomic energy.

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Ørsted Invests $4.5M in off shore wind education

Governor Gina M. Raimondo announced that Ørsted US Offshore Wind and Eversource – the team behind the Revolution Wind project – have pledged $4.5 million to support offshore wind education and supply chain development for the growing offshore wind industry in Rhode Island. "Ørsted and Eversource's commitments, as part of their Revolution Wind offshore wind farm, will expand our efforts already underway to build our talent pool and provide opportunities for college students in Rhode Island to study for a career in offshore wind," said Governor Raimondo. "When they are ready to work, we will have plenty of jobs for them in our growing offshore wind supply chain, right here in Rhode Island." Ørsted and Eversource have committed to invest $4.5 million locally, with a $3-million investment in higher education around offshore wind programs led by the University of Rhode Island. URI will be working in partnership with other institutions of higher learning in the state. Ørsted and Eversource will invest an additional $1.5 million, designated to the Rhode Island Commerce Corporation and the Rhode Island Department of Labor and Training, to support the development of Rhode Island's offshore wind supply chain and workforce. "The Revolution Wind project will help [...]

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VIA launches Mobile360 Mining Kit

VIA Technologies Inc. has launched the VIA Mobile360 Mining Kit, a complete ruggedized system that reduces injuries and fatalities from vehicle collisions in hazardous mining and quarry environments. Drivers can benefit from enhanced situational awareness with a live 360-degree video stream of the vehicle exterior, plus customization options for Blind Spot and Front Collision Detection. “The VIA Mobile360 Mining Kit enables mining and quarry operators to improve on-site safety and reduce the risk of accidents,” said Richard Brown, VP International Marketing, VIA Technologies, Inc. “We’re offering a complete solution suitable for a variety of mining vehicle applications that comes with customer-centric customization as standard.” The VIA Mobile360 Mining Kit is based around a tough and ruggedized system that uses four FOV-190 Gen-Lock cameras to present the operator with a live 360-degree surround view of the vehicle that vastly improves situational awareness for large excavators and bulldozers. The onscreen Tri-Band viewer highlights the area around the vehicle, assisting the driver to spot any intrusion within the hazardous range. For vehicles tasked with moving materials from site to site, safety can be further enhanced with additional FOV-40 automotive-grade ADAS cameras, featuring support for Blind Spot and Collision Detection. Additionally, cameras can be [...]

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CITB to bring more people into construction careers

CITB to bring more people into construction careers CITB will target more than 11,800 people to attract them into construction careers. Construction output is expected to grow by 1.3 percent per year with 168,500 jobs created by 2023, challenging employers to recruit more people from diverse backgrounds. Just 16 percent of construction employees are female, and 7 percent BAME, partly because construction firms rely on traditional recruitment methods such as word of mouth. Pathways Into Construction will attract people from underrepresented groups over the next three years with CITB’s investment, establishing recruitment pathways that employers can use in the future. This supports construction employers by helping them meet their workforce and skills needs. Pathways Into Construction will see a £10-million investment – drawn from construction industry levy-payers – in 270 colleges; construction employers and federations; infrastructure projects; councils; housing associations; armed forces organisations; charities; prisons; recruiters and training providers across England, Wales and Scotland to connect employers with people who traditionally don’t enter the industry. The 12 armed forces organisations involved in Pathways Into Construction projects are: BuildForce; Building Heroes; Career Transition Partnership (CTP); Defence Relationship Management (DRM); Help For Heroes; London District (LONDIST); Regular Forces Employment Association; [...]

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